Investing in Deeds of Trust

About Park Place Capital Hard Money Investing

The mission of Park Place Capital is to provide the investor with the best possible Trust Deed Investment opportunity. Investing in Deeds of Trust is a great way to obtain a constant secured return on your investment. Your trust deed investment is back up by a hard asset, typically real estate and the payments flow directly to you. You are in complete control of the investment, all documentation, Notes, Deeds of Trust, Personal Guarantees are yours with no middle man in between. All income goes directly to you with the borrower paying for all processing fees.  What is a deed of trust investment?

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Why Trust Deed Investments

  • Your Trust Deed investment is secured by real property not a promise from the bank or the government.
  • You can go look at your Deed of Trust Investment. Go drive by and see the actual property.
  • You have a good equity position in the property, typically 30-70% of value.
  • The payments go directly to you.
  • You are getting a very good return on your Trust Deed Investment when compare to the bank.
  • You are in 1st position on the Deed of Trust.
  • You have a personal guarantee from the borrower in the Trust Deed Investments.
  • The property is protected by Hazard Insurance.
  • Your title is protected by a Title Policy.
  • You are in control of your investment.

When You Invest In Trust Deeds You Receive The Following:

  • Mortgage Summary of the Trust Deed Investment
  • Notarized Assignment of Deed of Trust to you
  • Promissory Note
  • Personal Guarantee from borrower
  • Title Report for the title company
  • Lender Title Insurance ALTA Policy
  • Homeowner insurance with you added as the additional insurance
  • Mortgage Application of the borrower
  • Credit Report of the borrower
  • Appraisal from independent, certified appraiser or a CMA or BPO
  • Mortgage Serving Agreement

Investing In Deeds of Trust With Private Money Better Than The Bank.


  • “I found that this is a quick way to earn 12 percent on my money. Don’t know where else you could get such a nice return on your investment” – Joan
  • “I’ve done 3 deals and I love the 12% on a secured investment.” – Donna
  • “I was scared and not certain about the deals, but when I talked to my attorney I realized the investment was safe and secured, I was ready to go” – David


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