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    3 Reasons You May Need a Hard Money Loan

    A hard money loan is a type of non-bank loan that comes from a private money source. Hard money loans are known for their speed of funding, low hassle loan approvals, and higher interest rates. So why would anyone pay the higher interest rates associated with a hard money loan? Speed of [...]
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    Be Sure to Count ALL Costs on a Real Estate Rehab Project

    For real estate investors who are building up to do their first rehab projects, don’t forget to add up all of the costs before you calculate your profits. Too often, the classes that teach you how to make money “flipping properties,” neglect to tell you about ALL of the costs involved in a [...]
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    So What Exactly Is a Hard Money Loan or Lender?

    They are companies that loan money to fund real estate investor transactions over a short term. Understanding what this funding option can offer investors and why this is such a viable option for so many, can help investors determine if this is the best option for them. For many people, [...]
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    Never Start a Real Estate Project Without the Funds to Complete

    Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of stalled out real estate rehab projects. Why are they stalled out? Every one of them has insufficient financing to complete. All of them have been in varying stages of completion, but most are about 80% completed. Many real estate investors believe they can [...]


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